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-28 Royal Blue
Red 3
Tolu Akiode
Forward 0/GP1/G0/A0
Baris Alkis
Forward -27/GP25/G26/A8
Ose Okoyo
Forward -3/GP3/G2/A2
John Alade
Midfielder -5/GP7/G6/A6
Ryan Galezki-Sebek
Midfielder +12/GP4/G4/A3
Mo Ezedine
Defender -6/GP11/G1/A2
Emerson Galezki-Sebek
Defender +4/GP2/G0/A3
batch samba
Defender 0/GP0/G0/A0

Stats displayed under each player automatically updates and overall stats updates as players sign up. Here is a breakdown of the stats:
  • +/-#: This is indicates the goal difference from game to game.
  • GP#: Games Played
  • G#: Goals Scored
  • A#: Assists
  • S#: Keeper Saves
  • Team Overall #: This is total sum of the teams players +/- stat. It is a rough indicator, but is not perfect. A few players are misrepresented by this stat, due to being on the losing team too often.

Pickup soccer

Nov 29, 2014
9:00 pm
50 mins
Ref: Assigned
6 vs 6 / 2 Sub
Game Info
5+goalie. Games without dedicated goalies rotate all players thru goal every 5 minutes. 50 min straight time. Clock starts at 9:05pm. Shin pads mandatory.pads mandatory. Liability waiver required before playing.
No news for this game.

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